Bio Medical and Advanced Materials (BIOMAT), an open research group, consists of researchers and  talents  students  from  different  backgrounds  and  different institutions,  research  centers  in Vietnam. The  group’s  research  activities  focus  on  the  development  of  miniaturized,  quick-response, highly  sensitive  bio-sensors,  biochip  as  well  as  the  microfluidic  system  for  uses  in  biomedical application, food safety and environmental protection, too.  With  the  effective  network  with  leading  research  laboratories  in  Vietnam  and  oversea  and organic collaboration with the local companies, the group gradually find out the suitable way in research  and  technology  transfer  to  serve  the  community  and  to deliver  high  quality  product and high quality human resource.


Biosensors or biochips can provide fast, accurate and reliable detections and monitoring of cancer cells, as well as to determine the effectiveness of anticancer chemotherapy agents in cancer treatments. These have attracted a great attention of research communities, especially in the capabilities of detecting the pathogens, viruses and cancer cells in narrow scale that the conventional apparatus and techniques do not have. Vietnam is a typical developing country with a very high number of patients diagnosed with cancers in recent years, but having a very low cancer survival rate. The role of biosensors in early detections of diseases, cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment, is more and more important; especially it is estimated that by 2020, 60-70% new cases of cancers and nearly 70% of cancer deaths will be in economically disadvantaged countries.

Key Members Group

Thi Xuan Nguyen, PhD

Microfluidic System for Drug Delivery and Cell Culture Study

Mai Anh Tuan
Group Leader

Chemiscal Sensor, Microfluidic System, Embed System

Pham Duc Thanh, PhD

Chemical Sensor, Surface Modification for Food Processing and Food Safety


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